• Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care

  • Level 4 Certificate in Health and Social Care

  • Level 4 Certificate in Business Management

  • Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care

  • Level 5 Diploma in Business Management 

  • Level 5 Diploma in Business Enterprise

  • Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

  • Level 7 Diploma in Executive Management

  • Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance

  • Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management

  • Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership


Level 5 Diploma In Business Enterprise

Entry Requirements

Learners who possess Qualifications at Level 3 and/or 4;

  •  Learners who have work experience and demonstrate drive and ambition to start their own business, or work in business development; Level 5 Diploma in Business Enterprise. 

  • Learners who possess a first degree in another discipline and want to develop their own business or shift careers.


In certain circumstances, managers with considerable experience but no formal Qualifications may be considered, subject to interview and being able to demonstrate their ability to cope with the demands of the programme.

In the case of applicants whose first language is not English, then IELTS 6 (or equivalent) is required. International Qualifications will be checked for appropriate matriculation to UK Higher Education postgraduate programmes. The applicants are normally required to produce two supporting references, at least one of which should preferably be Academic.

Qualification Structure

The QUALIFI Level 5 Diploma in Business Enterprise equal to 240 credits. Learners who register for the Level 5 Diploma and fail to complete may be awarded a Level 4 if they have competed sufficient credit. Learners achieving 120 credits for the Level 4 may then opt to progress to the Level 5 Diploma in Business Enterprise to gain a further 120 credits or learners will be expected to attend lectures and workshops that will introduce the subject matter.

  • Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Creativity (20 Credits): The aim of the module is to explore how and what affects entrepreneurial and enterprising activity. Learners will gain insight into different ventures to start to help them explore their own creativity as entrepreneurs. is to explore the personal leadership and management capabilities needed to start and grow a business.

  • Influences on Organisational Growth and Development (20 Credits): The aim of the module is offer to learners with an insight into the socio-economic environment in which business decisions are made and the impact that the changing business environment has on fast growth organisations. The focus is on the defining the characteristics of growth organisations and how these characteristics influences the decisions taken. These decisions are viewed from a management perspective with the emphasis on the entrepreneurial teams as distinct from a traditional management structure.

  • Venture Management - Growing a Business (20 Credits): The aim of the module is to develop an understanding of what can drive or stifle growth. It will look at various growth and business models and how they can support development. Learners will be expected to examine and critique several different organisations.

  • Marketing for Growth Organisations (20 Credits): The module aims to develop marketing and market research skills. Learners will develop plans for a business to enter a market. Learners will be expected to show creativity and work with their ideas as well as looking at SMEs in the marketplace.

  • Developing and Launching a New Business (20 Credits): The aim of the module is to better understand what makes a good business idea and how this idea can be translated into an effective business plan for a new start-up business. It offers practical insight into the business start-up process by allowing learners to finding ideas, test demand for those ideas and communicate those ideas in a business plan.

  • Social Enterprise and Third Sector Organisations (20 Credits): This module introduces the social enterprise as a sustainable business model. It explores how matching social goals with revenue streams to create a social organisation that is self-sufficient can be successful. Learners will research a range of social enterprises to obtain an understanding of the opportunities and successes of the third sector.

Duration and Delivery

This Qualification is designed to be delivered over one academic year for full-time study but it is also flixible in it's delivery in order to accommodate part-time distance learning. 

The qualification is delivered face-to-face, through lectures, tutorials, seminars and online by approved ventres only. 

Assessment and Verification 

The tutors will also act as assessors. This will contribute to the verification of the student submitting their own work and will act against cheating or plagiarism as the student will be known.


Learners completing the QUALIFI Level 5 Diploma in Business Enterprise will allow progress to: the final year of an undergraduate degree; or directly into employment in an associated profession.