Which degree is right for you?

An MBA is a professional degree that focuses on developing functional business skills such as accounting and finance, statistics etc. and then applying these skills in business applications. Most MBA programs require some work experience prior to enrolment as classmates often learn from one another's professional experience. MBA programs also emphasise the other skills needed as a manager such as effective communication, negotiation and collaboration. Many programs do offer concentration areas within the MBA program such as supply chain, finance and marketing. However, these tend to be a small percentage of the course requirements.

How to decide?

First focus on your career objectives. If you are interested in moving up within management ranks in an organisation or if you have an undergraduate degree in another discipline and are looking to learn the functional business skills, the MBA would be a good choice. However, if you would like to go deeper into a discipline and become a specialist you should consider a specialised masters degree.

Why should you decide to do the MA/MBA course?

An MBA, or MA, is a very hot topic nowadays. More than gaining a knowledge it has become a trend, a trifle, or a trump card to demand. It is expensive and demanding and it has high entry requirements, so why shouldn’t you opt for an MBA?

Our MBA is an experience led qualification that allows students with management experience to gain direct entry to an MBA. We at Online Education Hub always strive to give our students the most effective learning programmes that would not only help them in their education but also progress in their careers through structured learning and guidance on theory and practical knowledge.

How do you expect the MBA to affect the world of marketing, and what extra skills will it give to students?An MBA is the perfect way to enhance those management and leadership skills that could enable one to enter senior positions, pursue exciting new opportunities and increase the earning potential, opening up the international job market. Our MBA develop critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills. The programme is designed to improve and develop skills by exposing students to key aspects of decision making and showing how it all fits together at global stage.

Why should someone choose the Cyprus MBA?We understand the convenience of part-time evening courses for working professionals. We offer an MBA course that is flexible as well as affordable. Our flexible modular payment structure allows students to simply register online, pay per term, and select a study mode of their choice. The virtual learning platform accommodates all learning styles allowing students the flexibility to customise their study plans based on their preferences.

We are currently associated with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) for to offer a world class range of academic courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We are also an accredited college of EduQual, an upcoming business professional qualification awarding body, currently taking the education industry by storm.

Who would be attracted to this course?Experienced business and marketing professionals who have studied, but not necessarily qualified, an MBA from the UK’s leading marketing course provider in just 8 months. Typically those with a previous Bachelor Degree or equivalent qualification, and/or preferably relevant work experience in a post of management or professional responsibility over an extended period of time may be admitted to the program.

What are the courses available for me to choose?

EduQual -EduQual Extended Advanced Diploma (Level Five) in Business and Marketing Management -EduQual Extended Postgraduate Diploma (Level Seven) in Business Management -EduQual Extended Postgraduate Diploma (Level Seven) in Business and Marketing Strategy

Finally, what trends are you currently seeing in the marketing world?Inbound marketing - Inbound marketing, which once generated competitive advantage, is now a necessity for survival. It is no longer about social media presence, it is about selecting the most relevant platforms for the business and using them effectively to engage leads and convert them into customers. Intelligent marketing starts with buyer personas and use well though strategies to target the right people with the right package.

Personalised marketing - People are complex and dynamic. Yet, they seek personalisation from a mobile phone to a toothbrush. They are exhausted from loud, vibrant marketing that leaves them with many needs and empty pockets. People seek customised attention and individualised products that meet their needs with simplicity.

Big data - This information era has opened up millions of data collection points that leave marketers swamped with data. As a result, a marketer’s role demands the right analytical skills to select what is relevant and transform them into meaningful information.

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