Tutoring Services 

​COA provides tutoring services for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral level programmes.

COA will be providing the utmost support for the student during the course of the student. COA will be also providing past exam papers, model papers and will sit with the student in guiding through their studies. Furthermore as mentioned in the below chart COA will also be helping the student during the draft and final submission process, by conducting tutor session, providing guidance during the assignment development and finally will be providing feedback on the work completed as well.

+44 7465 434534

Updating the student database 

Student information sent to the tutor support team

Welcome email will be sent within 48 hours of registration

The systems we can use to support students

1. Canvas (learning platform)
2. Skype
3. Zoom
4. Gotowebinars

Tutor support email will be sent after 24 hours of the welcome email 

Tutor and student comunication on discussions based on assignment topics and reading materials communication  to have engagement 

Plagiarism prevention email to be sent in the next 7 working days

Pre-recorded webinar email to be sent by the 1st week of month 2

Submission reminder email to be sent by the 1st week of month 3

Draft and final submission procedures to be emailed by the end of month 3

Tutor and student communication on assignment development and improvement 

Draft submission from student by the mid of month 4

Skype discussions conducted if requested on assignment improvement

Draft feedback to be given by the end of month 4

Not Passable Assignments informed to the students & support given

Final submission from students by the mid of month 6

Assignments marked by the end of month 6

Passed Assignments 

The students will have a maximum of three final submission attempts. Clear and complete guidence will be provided at all three attempts. 

When students fail at the thired attempt, extra charges will be imposed on the 4th attempt. This is to avoide the repetitions and to enhance student focus. 


Assignments rejected at moderation will be emailed to tutors which will be communicated to students

Successfully approved assignments